A little bit of planning can mean a lot more traveling. Traveling by train will enhance your entire European experience: no airport hassles or wasted time, and more leisurely gourmet dining as you gaze through panoramic windows while being whisked from city center to city center. It’s no wonder trains are so popular, so make sure you book in advance to get the best prices and most choices.

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10 Reasons to travel by train in Europe

Do what you want
Everyone loves the flexibility of rail’s unlimited stopovers, choice of routes and departure times. It gives you the freedom to stay longer, move on or revisit a place you like.

Meet the locals
In Europe, everyone goes by train so you get an opportunity to meet the locals, try their cuisine and learn more about their country.

Get there faster
For example, going from Paris to Marseilles takes 3 hours. No traffic jams, no hassles. From city centre to city centre.

Travel overnight
Try a luxury sleeper or more affordable couchette overnight on long train journeys. You’ll save on a night’s accommodation and arrive refreshed and ready for the next day.

Travel in comfort
You can stretch your legs, go to the bar or enjoy a bistro meal on European trains. The seats are spacious and some feature seatback video and entertainment facilities.

Travel when you want
There are multiple train services every day to Europe’s capitals. Just choose one to suit your timetable.

All year round
Rail operates 365 days of the year, even if it rains, hails or snows.

Save money
Rail Passes may seem a little dearer but offer real value for money. Plus there are a range of saver passes and special offers to suit almost every budget.

Get off the beaten track
With 240,000 kilometres of track, rail reaches into virtually every corner of Europe through forests, fields and mountains that just aren’t accessible by road.

Experience the real Europe
Trains are an integral part of the European way of life. Travel by train and make the European experience your own.