Online Booking Tool

A better way than employees stuffing paper receipts into an envelope and manually entering each expense onto a spreadsheet. A better way than Finance transferring expense data to accounting systems by hand. By automating the expense management process, Concur would make expense reporting a whole lot easier for employees and get them reimbursed faster. At the same time, we would help companies save time and money.

But more could be done for business. What if companies could “see” expenses even before they happen? OBT connected travel and expense, allowing organizations to get a new level of visibility into spending – before, during and after the trip was completed.

With the rise of mobile devices and apps, customers wanted the same simple and powerful experiences they enjoy as consumers. For instance, what if travelers could expense a latte through their smartphone app, discarding the receipt? What if travel managers could receive a single itinerary for all of a traveler’s bookings, no matter how they were booked? What if expense reports could write themselves as a trip unfolds? What if the same effortless experience could extend to invoice processing, too?

Boustead Travel emphasizes on technology. We believe in moving forward with technology and it is never too early for any innovation. As we move forward, customers are more and more technology savvy. Here we are able to provide multiple Online Booking Tool platforms for our corporate clients. The OBT’s will allow our corporate clients to access more access on the ticket prices and different routes to your destinations. The advantage of OBT is visibility and transparency. It offers you a seamless experience of Airline Ticket booking. OBT is also a one-stop center for your bookings. It is where you can find all services and products of your Corporate Travel Management Company. The services available range from Airline Tickets, Hotels, Car Rentals, Approval to reminding you of Visa requirement. It is also customized to your needs and wants such as your travel policy and preferred suppliers. The implementation of Online Booking Tool will be made easier with Boustead Travel since we are ready to assist your travel bookers with training and endless support. To become more efficient, many Multinationals have opted to utilize an Online Booking Tool to take control of their travel bookings and we are one of the few Travel Management Companies that are able to provide multiple platforms at once.

Benefits at a glance

  • The solution pools a wide range of flights andhotel choices for booking convenience.
  • It facilitates travel policy compliance, bringingdown the costs of your company’s travel spend.
  • Manual approval processes are eliminated, soyou’ll save time and resources.
  • The do-it-yourself profile updating function reducespotential miscommunication with travel consultantsand gives travelers the flexibility to update athis/her convenience.

Unique features tailored to your business Traveler features

  • Book flights and hotels in real-time – essential fortravelers who are constantly on the move.
  • An extensive range of flight availability and fareoptions means it’s easy to schedule flights.
  • Travelers can select and reserve their preferredseat using interactive seat maps, when offered bythe airline.
  • There’s a choice of more than 100,000properties, including your company’s preferredhotels.
  • The trip modification function lets travelers amendtheir trip on-the-go to suit their changing traveldemands, while automatically routing thenecessary approval to the relevant supervisor.
  • The booking tool allows your travel arranger toassist with bookings on your behalf.

Administrator features

  • Thresholds settings allow the administrator to limitthe number of travelers per country, city, carrier orhotel, at any one time.
  • Multiple levels of pre-trip approvals are available,to suit the company’s policy requirements.
  • The simple-to-use Administrative Module allows theAdministrator to add or change the company’stravel policy and access rights whenever required.