Mobile App

On top of the Online Booking Tool (OBT), Boustead Travel also collaborates with suppliers in order to make bookings accessible from mobile phones. The bookings appear on mobile phones through an application so our corporate clients can receive all updates about their scheduled flights. All alerts, news and any update can be accessible anywhere once you book with Boustead. We believe in practicality here and we want you to enjoy it as well. Booking with Boustead Travel will be a seamless experience for a corporate organization that value efficiency and endless possibilities.

Travel manager benefits
Our mobile app gives travel managers newfound visibility into bookings made outside ofthe managed travel program. Travelers can designate when their trip is for business, allowing the app to capture the itinerary and share with a company via an easy-to-read, self-servicedashboard. Even information on reservations booked outside of the managed channel iscaptured and may be shared within the dashboard, providing a more complete picture of acompany’s travel activities and greater understanding of traveler behavior.

Traveler benefits
Corporations can automate the sign-up process for travelers, reinforcepolicy-compliant and preferred vendor bookings, and send relevant time- and location-basedpolicy messages to travelers on the road. Travelers will also benefit by being able to designatetrips and items of trips as business. They can view their corporate itineraries free of third-partyadvertisements and with their company branding intact.

Company benefits
Corporations can send employees important policy information,security notices, safety tips and more while they travel. These alertshelp reinforce policy compliance and safety precautions at the mostrelevant and critical point in the trip process – while a traveler is onthe road.


Empower your mobile workforce with TripCase. Contact us for a customized travel management solution which drives savings, efficiency and safety at every step of your journey.